Very, why don’t we begin taking the closer look into Margaret, a beneficial

Very immediately, we have the concept one she’s got lived in Dual Highs for everybody regarding their unique lives, no less than because she was a little girl. Because of their particular extensive experience with it, she designed a kind of intimacy for the trees, and you will learned several of its treasures. However, she in addition to claims there exists a lot of things she “mustn’t say,” following directs the brand new viewers’ attention to the reality that their fire place is actually boarded right up, so there will not be a fire in there. Definitely, fire, during the Dual Peaks, is practically synonymous with BOB. Very exactly what performed she study from the fresh trees? Perhaps she is actually aware of this new comings and you may goings of Dugpas? Did she maybe fulfill BOB? We’re not provided one real research one to she performed, however, their particular husband probably provides.

She says one to “flames ‘s the demon, covering up for example an effective coward in the tobacco

This new Log Woman teaches you, in equipment, how their own spouse, an effective logger, was killed when you look at the a fire regarding the trees the afternoon once the relationships. It absolutely was “not an informal fire.” For this reason, this lady has an intense anxiety about flame. ” One-night, prior to his demise, her partner delivered a jar of scorched system oil, and you will shared with her it absolutely was “an opening to a gateway.” He may keeps received that it on the woods, or he may were getting they to the woods, as an alternative. Either way, whatever he was creating with the petroleum need to have already been exactly what caused his meeting with “the devil.” Most likely, he had been seeking open brand new gateway into the Black colored Lodge, for some reason most beautiful Manado women, and appears to have succeeded. From the Resort came BOB, exactly who slain this new logger having flames.

It may be whenever his passing, the latest Log Lady’s husband turned swept up on the Black colored Resorts, otherwise inserted so it world when you look at the soul form. A well-known concept says that he’s among the many lumberjacks viewed above the convenience store from inside the Flames Walking With me.

The latest lumberjack (starred by Jurgen Prochnow) viewed over the store with BOB, Mrs. Chalfont, plus the Guy from Another Set. Is this brand new Log Lady’s partner?

Simply, perhaps the guy was not planning on making this pact to own worst, once the Earle is planning on performing

Should this be the newest Log Lady’s spouse, they indicates some fascinating one thing: To start with, it means that the guy plays a bigger part than simply we could possibly believe. Unlike becoming a hapless logger who was simply on the incorrect put at wrong date, they are a smart guy if you don’t a keen occultist that have high expertise in the fresh new trees therefore the goings-on therein. Probably, his ending up in BOB are deliberate. You’ll the guy was basically attempting to make a pact into the Resort beings, like just what Windom Earle was attempting? Possibly the guy planned to deal with new Lodge beings in order to learn more about them, and use one to pointers definitely.

Another popular concept is that the Log Lady’s husband is in to the the fresh record you to she carries. Considering the fresh destiny Josie satisfied at the hands of BOB, this makes a lot of feel. Evidently within the Twin Highs, wood can be utilized because an effective receptacle having spirits. Spot the label out-of a significant spot regarding woods in town: Ghostwood. One regarding figures it, does it not? If we remember that Josie is caught up from the timber out of the nice North Resort once becoming killed from the BOB, they merely seems sensible to summarize that Diary Lady’s spouse could have getting caught up about timber of a nearby tree. Almost certainly, BOB come upon your on the tree, as he are cutting timber, murdered your, and maybe trapped his heart in one of the logs you to definitely is abandoned. This new Record Lady, which have a deep link with this new woods, were able to feel so it, and you can got new log along with her. Courtesy it, he can psychically talk to her, taking their having very important pointers, which she passes to the compatible provider.

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